<span class=" fc-falcon">Thick-Wall Plastic Pipe Fittings for Water.


These include common MIL-spec configurations as well other more generic connectors including coaxial, D-sub, RJ-45, USB, M12, and more. spec.

FORTTAR SP21 Series 3 pin Waterproof Connector, 3 Wire Aviation Industrial High Voltage Electrical Heavy Circular Bulkhead Plug Socket, IP67 (Bulkhead Panel Mount, 3 Pin) 1.

Our feedthrough solutions are divided in three main categories: Pressure Seals • Double ended receptacles which.

Integrate wires, cables, fiber, or connectors into an electrical feedthrough assembly designed for your environment. . Whether you are looking to increase the modularity of your system, maintain pressure boundaries or convey high electrical power, we have the right solution.

Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable.

Bulkhead terminals for passing power through a bulkhead or fuel tank. Our feedthrough. Item #: 0822490.

Electrical: Rated Current: 4A: Rated Voltage : 60VDC : Mechanical: Contacts: Brass, gold plated:. .

In-house pressure or vacuum testing ensures the seal meets the application requirements.

PotCon® hermetic bulkhead connector feedthroughs offer reliable, fast electrical connections in a variety of configurations; Multi-connector PotCon® Portplate.

. High voltage and low cross-section sealed wire feedthroughs operating up to 30kV-DC are also available.

In addition, a very small dimensional seal package was made available with a 3/8-in diameter and a 0. Item #: 0822490.

A durable bulkhead feedthrough helps you safely and reliably route power and data into isolated environments.



HangTon HE29 6 Pin Bulkhead Plastic Waterproof Connector Threaded Outdoor Industrial Electrical Power Circular Male Female Angled Wire Cable Plug + Panel Socket (6 pin) 4. fc-falcon">Choose from our selection of bulkhead electrical connectors, including micro M12 screw-together connectors, mil. .

spec. 50 $ 9. . For pressures above 300 psi (20 bar), please check with the sales engineer if changing the pressure direction shown on the drawing. 1-1/4 Inch Aluminum, Bulkhead Fittings with Insulating Throat Thermoplastic, Sealing Ring Nitrile (BUNA-N) for Use with Rigid/IMC Conduit.


. 00.

My repair manual labels this as the "bulkhead electrical connector".

Available in multiple shell and contact styles, they are.


300-in molded seal length.