#Chapter 64 - Shock.

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Jane. ”. Oct 7, 2022 · Filed to story: The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups >> Chapter 1.


It just. . But Fate sure knows how to run with a bit.

The doctor said gently. Enjoy the interesting story, 'The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups' at your fingertips!.

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Content. But Fate sure knows how to run with a bit.

My boys look so much like Ethan it’s actually laughable. “What’s wrong, Jane, can you not feel me inside you?”.

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Ethan How pathetic is it that I’ve only been away from Jane a few hours, but I already miss her? It didn’t help that the entire way through the kids’ movie, I had nothing but time to think about my lovely mate.



My beta, Matthew, tried to convince me to leave when I started The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups Chapter 87 Read More ». Read the latest chapters and complete chapters of The Luna And Her Quadruplet Pups in FoxNovel. the luna and her quadruplet pups full book.

Werewolf. From omega to alpha. . #Chapter 68 - Ethan Stands up for Jane. Jane Above Story460200 wordsCompleted.


The Luna and Her Quadruplet Pups novel is a werewolf romance book, written by Jane Above Story. .



“I thought the idea was to clean things up, not make a bigger mess.

by Jane Above Story (Author) Format: Kindle Edition.

“What did you say?”.