You’re afraid to commit. Tip #1: Stop Chasing Him If you want him to chase you, then you obviously need to stop chasing him.

So this means that you shouldn’t be talking to him about your feelings, telling him that you’re in love or asking him questions.

For the most part, just stop trying to convince him of your worth.

Bruce Bryans. Make him work for your time. .


The more investment men make in a relationship, the more they value. Stop chasing him quotes. You can learn more about high value woman dating standards in this post.

. When you’re chasing someone, you often convince yourself that you’ll finally be happy if only you can have a relationship with that person.



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The more investment men make in a relationship, the more they value. Try it for a change and you’ll see for yourself.

By doing more, you’re accomplishing less and investing so much that it’s becoming harder for you to walk away.
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. It can be thrilling. You’re afraid to commit.

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let the message be read and left for a while to keep him wondering about your response. On the flip side, it’s a powerful exercise to think about the relationships you do have and the people that do care about you.

They know that you’ll chase them when they back off, and they use this to their advantage.

This will free you from chasing others who don’t put the effort in with you.