Save your A tears, it'll B7 be E o G#m kay C#m.

Here With Me. Print Download.


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Intro: Bb Verse : Eb Wheels are turning Bb I remember when you were mine Eb Now just to reach you Bb Baby, I'd stand in line Bridge : Gm But there's another world F We're living in Eb Tonight Gm And there's another heart F That's fading in Bb The light Chorus : Bb Don't want your picture Eb On my cell phone Gm F F I want you. fc-smoke">Sep 10, 2019 · A Don't want your picture. .

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1K jam sessions · chords: Morgan Wallen - One Thing At A Time (Lyric Video) 2. I'm feeling G#7 C#m And all I know is we're going home Bm7 Amaj7 G#7 So please don't let me go, oh G#7 F#m7 B7 Don't let me go, oh-oh-oh [Chorus] E And if it's right A B7 E I. G D And i won't go, and i won't sleep, and i can't breathe, F#m Until you're resting here with me, Bm A And i.

I want you F#m here E with E me. 33/month.


G you Bm know i'm Em here waiting for you.

( G. [Verse 1] C G7 Watch the sunrise along the coast C G As we're both getting old C Em D7 I can't describe what I'm feeling Am G And all I know is we're going home.

com / Key: D / Tuning: Standard EADGBe / Chords used: D - xx0232 Em - 022000 G - 320033 A - x02220 Bm - x24432 F - 13321. .

Here With Me.

I'm Am D just a crosshair.

Bridge 2:.

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Key: G [Verse] Am So intoxicating So long, got me waiting F G To hold you F G I need to hold you Am Nowhere here in this room Nowhere here without you F G I can't move F G Baby, I can. Here With Me. Here With Me. Here With Me by Mercy Me guitar, ukulele, bass, piano chords, video lessons and more. CHVRCHES Learn to play the Melody & Chords with the Guitar sheet in the video.

CHVRCHES)" by Marshmello.

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I'm Am just a D crosshair.

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then Em we can die.