Mumford Undergraduate Mathematics Prize.


General Education Reflection : Embedded into Major Capstone Degree Requirement. 4) Undergraduate student status at OSU.

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While learning high-level mathematics is no easy feat, teaching math concepts can often be just as tricky. . May 16, 2023 · Jonathan is a Zassenhaus Assistant Professor (postdoc) in the Department of Mathematics at The Ohio State University.

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<span class=" fc-falcon">Science and Mathematics Education, Bachelor of Science in Education.


. Thus, a mathematics major has ample opportunity to take further mathematics courses focused toward.

. Math 4551 Vector Analysis is also recommended for students who plan to go to graduate school.

OSU's language departments offer a variety of study and work abroad programs in the languages they teach.
The minor consists of the calculus sequence, a course on the foundations of higher mathematics, a post-calculus linear algebra course, and several upper-division elective courses.


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He received his Ph. Laura Kubatko has been elected a 2019 AAAS Fellow. class=" fc-falcon">Campus: Columbus. Mathematics is a research-active department committed to providing equitable access to quality learning and career development at all levels. Before graduate school, he was a US Army logistics officer in the 82nd Airborne Division where he led. fc-falcon">David B.

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in mathematics from Baylor University in 2022 under the supervision of Fritz Gesztesy and attended Carson-Newman University for undergraduate studies. class=" fc-falcon">Theme: Student Choice ^^ * • 4-6 hr.


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The Department of Mathematics requires Statistics 4201 or Math 4530 and Statistics 4202 to fulfill the General Education data analysis requirement.