CyberPunk 2020 Character Sheet; Cyberpunk Fast and Dirty Character Sheets; Cyberpunk 2020 Quick Sheet; The original 2020 Night City Map (hosted on. .


Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet Ver 2.

02. An editable Interlock Unlimited excel format sheet for Cyberpunk 2020, ideal for. I made this a few months ago, and have been editing it since.


Below is a link to the Cyberpunk Red: Rules Reference Sheets as a compiled PDF. It's an ongoing side project of mine, and you're welcome to make a copy. These are all-new Cyberpunk NPC Sheets, made as a companion sheet for my original Character Sheet, found here.

0. Talsorian Games.


Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet holds all the information and stats related to the character, which means a player can know all about the character just by going.

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Talsorian Games. .

Cyberpunk 2020 - Character Sheet.

. I’m an experienced Player and a Game Master that already has pre-made Character Sheets and has a fair share of experience in different groups, so I’ll always be of my best behavior to the new party. .

0. com/DzWGExO. . TLDR : A Character Sheet redesign to better help myself and my players (as we're all newbies to CP2020). .


. Hell, he’s Cyberpunk’s version of John Wick, and the perfect person to play Morgan Blackhand is Keanu Reeves if not for the fact he’s already playing Johnny Silverhand.

modifier/max only should be a spot for base stat.

Hello! My name is Ace and I’m looking for a group to play Cyberpunk RED.

PDF: http://www.

In both cases headshots double damage, so the average damage roll for a ‘9mm to the face’ is 14 points.

Have translation options, at least partially tranlsted to FR, KO, PL & ES.