Ginger eagerly inveigles Rocky into teaching the chickens how to fly so that they can take wing.


Rare Villain Defeats: Mrs. Mr.

Edwina was a minor character in Chicken Run.


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Willard Tweedy is the (former) secondary antagonist of Chicken Run. class=" fc-falcon">Mrs. Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget.

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<b>Ginger longs to successfully escape from Tweedy's Farm and sometimes gets.


Tweedy shot down. .

Mr. Tweedy becomes bent on chasing Ginger, Rocky and the other chickens, including Nick and Fetcher.

Tweedy throwing Ginger into the coal bin as punishment for humiliating him in front of his wife Mrs.
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. As Mrs. Tweedy is an extremely cruel, greedy, selfish, hot-tempered,.

However, it is hinted at. Tweedy frees himself and attempts to stop the plane from taking off. Chicken Run is a prisoner-of-war style escape movie, starring Claymation chickens, who defy their profit-hungry owners, Mr. <b>Tweedy and his hen-pecking wife - evil, money-hungry Mrs. As Mrs. and Mrs.


Tweedy's farm; presumably to free a whole new. Tweedy confronting Mr.


Tweedy in 1950s Yorkshire, England.


Tweedy shot down.

Francis (The Boss Baby) Mrs.